Monday, March 10, 2008

All Alone

I am with so many
but all alone
Bread is baking
I want a scone
Running from this
my lovely life
I want to be lover
Not only wife

Life is sweet
Like running the green river
pain is deep
and doubt my sliver
I love you my sisters
You are my ROCK
we are artists
sharing one smock.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Merlean! Thanks for letting me participate in your blog. i love the new songs and can't wait to here what they sound like as our voices stretch in pretty harmony!
You are the best sister I could ever think off.

My poems are not as good as Merlean. She has a real eye for language. Things are starting to lok up for us. Merlean has the voice of an angel, and the world will be hearing more from her soon. I am really glad that we are starting to have some opportunities to share our talents. If we go on tour, I definitely want to go to Kanab. They have an animal shelter there with so many cats and dogs, you couldn't even count them! Kind of like our kids LOL! I want to pet all of the cats! I would get one if my man wasn't allergic. I would name it King and I would treat it real special. I wish I could have one.

I am going to find some of my own songs to post on here. I mean lyrics. Whatever! ROTFL!

I love you Merlean!

The Hunt

A mule deer is a mighty beast
A challenge that will end in feast.
Wasatch mountains are its home
In verdant valleys, it will roam.
I envy you, my pretty friend,
Life so free, and bloody end.
I want to run.
But i know
in the end, it is love that makes the venison tender.
And, as multitudes we'll live in eternal splender.

The Road to Colorado City

Stuck in this place between heaven and earth
Stuck in this place searching for worth

Stuck in this place 'tween one state and another
home in this place with plenty of mother

We lift up our voices and herald our joy
there is quite enough women and not enough boy

The Road to Colorado city is straight and narrow
We'll find it my friends
We'll walk it together

The Road to Colorado city is tarry and black
We'll find it my friends
my sisters and brother

Stuck in this place, we sign up subscriptions
clean upright living is our healthy prescription.

Stuck in this place between earth and the sky
we sing out a humble voice as the eagle doth cry

The Road to Colorado city is walked on our knees
and we walk it, we walk it and do as we please.

by Merlean Swapp
Stucco and Stone

Have you ever stared at the sun setting over a field of sage brush?
Have you ever felt the sting of salt from the windswept american sea?
Have you felt the joy of sisterhood?
Have heard the cry of babes?
Stucco and Stone
Stucco and Stone

Have you ever driven for hours and not seen a soul?
Have felt a flustered with love at the sight of his boots?
Have you ever felt the excitement of spring in the dixie?
Stucco and Stone
Stucco and Stone

From the mountain heights, to the sandstone plateaus.
From the Canyons of depth, to the blues of pal.
This is Joy
This is Love

This is Stucco and Stone

By Merlean Swapp