Thursday, March 6, 2008

Merlean! Thanks for letting me participate in your blog. i love the new songs and can't wait to here what they sound like as our voices stretch in pretty harmony!
You are the best sister I could ever think off.

My poems are not as good as Merlean. She has a real eye for language. Things are starting to lok up for us. Merlean has the voice of an angel, and the world will be hearing more from her soon. I am really glad that we are starting to have some opportunities to share our talents. If we go on tour, I definitely want to go to Kanab. They have an animal shelter there with so many cats and dogs, you couldn't even count them! Kind of like our kids LOL! I want to pet all of the cats! I would get one if my man wasn't allergic. I would name it King and I would treat it real special. I wish I could have one.

I am going to find some of my own songs to post on here. I mean lyrics. Whatever! ROTFL!

I love you Merlean!

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